We Ask America announces “Obama in the Heartland” poll series

How is President Obama playing in Peoria? That’s what our new series of public polls seeks to ascertain as we ask more than 5,000 Heartland residents one simple question: In general, do you approve or disapprove of the job President Obama is doing? The polls are being conducted in Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin.

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Automated vs Interview…the debate rages on

Which are better: interview polls or automated polls?

That depends. We Ask America conducts both, and both have their place. Traditionally, interview polls ask more questions to fewer people and cost considerably more than automated polls. Automated polls can have a huge number of responses (we’ve conducted polls of up to 70,000 responses!), and cost about one-tenth the price of interview polls. Interview pollsters have been publicly skeptical of their automated counterparts…and automated pollsters have proven their worth by being more accurate of late. See our FAQ page for more information.