Hot off the presses

Today we begin our last public polls of the season with numbers from Colorado, Florida, Iowa, and Missouri. These were going to get released tomorrow, but we’re getting a lot of folks urging us to at least release top-lines, so we’re happy to oblige.  We’ll try to get more details out soon to allow our propeller-head followers a chance to dig into the numbers, but the weather-related problems back east are playing havoc with our schedules.

All of these polls were conducted the evening of October 30 through automated polling methods. All results are weighted to correct for under-/over-sampling in a number of demographic categories. And our last rounds of polls force a decision from our participants…no “undecided” answers are allowed. This allows us to get a better idea where the handful of stragglers really stand.

STATEResponsesMoE ±Barack ObamaMitt Romney3rd Party

In addition, we polled the Missouri Senate race where we found Democrat incumbent Claire McCaskill up 48.6% to Republican Todd Akin’s 45.2% (Libertarian Jonathan Dine received an important 6.2% as well.)

More soon.