We try to fulfill as many poll requests as possible, especially when someone reminds us that we haven’t re-polled two states lately that could play important roles in a tight presidential race: Iowa and Colorado. Both are considered swing states, but their political underpinnings vary as much as their terrains. Still, each have earned their Swing State status by having an electorate that doesn’t fit comfortably into political molds.

On the evening of October 15, we called 1,499 likely voters in Iowa (Margin of Error: ±2.6%), and 1,206 likely voters in Colorado (Margin of Error: ±2.9%) and asked them who they plan to vote for plus an array of demographic questions. We included Libertarian Gary Johnson to measure support for a third party. Each of the following results have been weighted to correct for any over-/under-sampling, and we’ve included the breakdown of self-described Republicans / Democrats / Independents that completed the questions. Here are the results:

IOWA48.7%45.9%1.2%4.2%33 / 36 / 31
COLORADO47.0%48.1%1.4%3.5%35 / 34 / 31

We’ll try hard to put some web-friendly background numbers together to add to these toplines (as you may guess, business right now for pollsters is a tad brisk). Suffice it to say that Iowa is close but remains in Barack Obama’s camp, while Colorado must be put in a pick-em category. We’ll be revisiting these key states after the debates. Stay tuned.