Inching closer

We Ask America clearly has a soft spot for the dynamic electorate in this nation’s Dairy State. From the political brouhaha brought on by Gov. Scott Walker to the voters’ reactions visceral reaction to his programs, the Badgers are a spirited bunch that we love to poll.

Wisconsin’s GOP have sometimes been publicly painted as hard right with a broad brush tinted with Walker’s attempt to dismantle the state’s public-sector labor power base. But as we’ve pointed out before, the state’s electorate isn’t so easy to pigeon hole. And with the Walker re-call election looming, many are looking at tomorrow’s presidential primary as a harbinger of the current governor’s fate. Of course, the Republican Primary in Wisconsin is vitally important to the two presidential frontrunners as well, as Mitt Romney continues his efforts to be viewed as the inevitable winner, as Rick Santorum attempts to regain some of the mojo he exhibited elsewhere.

With that in mind, last night we asked likely GOP voters in Wisconsin who they will support in tomorrow’s primary:

Date: 4/1//2012 - Participants: 1,173 Likely GOP voters - Margin of Error: ± 2.86%

Note: an intrepid reader contacted us pointing out that rounding the results to whole numbers produces a total of 101%. For those who like it even, here are the results to a tenth of a point: Gingrich: 14.8%; Paul: 15.8%; Romney: 38.7%; and Santorum: 30.7%.

Romney’s claim that a win in Wisconsin will give him the final push he needs to “easily” (his words) attain enough delegates to wrap up the nomination before the primary. His eight-point lead is not technically insurmountable, but the former Massachusetts governor seems to be inching closer to his goal.