Is there a gender gap in Health Care Reform?

Earlier today, a subscriber asked if any of our recent polling shows a significant gender difference in the opposition to President Obama’s health care reform package. Early this month, polling in some key Illinois congressional districts show a small, but consistent difference. (Thanks to the New Prosperity Foundation for allowing me to release this information.)

Gender Differences in OPPOSITION to Health Care Reforms

ILLINOIS 8 (Bean)47.63%56.74%9.11%
ILLINOIS 10 (Kirk)46.78%52.96%6.18%
ILLINOIS 11 (Halvorson)57.83%62.67%4.84%
ILLINOIS 14 (Foster)51.48%58.97%7.49%
ILLINOIS 17 (Hare)50.74%59.31%8.57%
Date of Polls: March 1, 2010
Responses: between 741-996
Margins of Error: average 3.25%