Murtha-style mojo?

The eyes of political pundits across the nation will focus the May 18 Special Election in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District. We Ask America first polled this race on March 16, and the same intrepid reader (Pat Garrett) suggested we look at it again to see how things have changed. PA-12’s Special Election is the result of the passing of Congressman John Murtha. custodia samsung g3 As we noted earlier this spring, the district is the only one in the nation that went for John Kerry in 2004 and then backed John McCain four years later. The area is rated an R+1 by the Cook Political Report. custodia in pelle cellulare galaxy a5 2015 The Democrats are pinning their hopes on Mark Critz, Murtha’s Chief of Staff. custodia tablet samsung tab a6 But Murtha faced some rough challenges in recent years, and some believe his Election Day mojo won’t transfer so easily. Republican businessman Tim Burns has proven to be a pretty decent candidate, and recent surveys showing a close race with mixed results. custodia samsung note 8 360 The campaign in this race have become predictably testy. custodia galaxy s9 originale samsung Critz is attempting to paint Burns as just another rich white guy who wants a national sales tax (an allegation Burns calls an out-and-out lie), while Burns has hit his opponent with accusations concerning questionable earmarks Murtha made which benefit a former Critz employer. custodia colorata samsung s8 A Burns win here would certainly be hailed by the GOP as proof-positive that the country is rejecting the programs and mission of President Obama and Nancy Peolosi, while a Critz win would probably provide a sense of relief to Democrats who still are agog over some recent losses–especially in Massachusetts. custodia samsung s6 in pelle THE RESULTS We asked 888 likely voters who their choice will be on May 18 (we identified each person by Party…Democrat Mark Critz & Republican Tim Burns).

Triple Play in the Buckeye State

Those of you old enough to remember the 1970’s Cincinnati Reds know that they earned the nickname of The Big Red Machine. Now, many pundits want us to believe that the State of Ohio will become a political big red machine this fall when the Buckeyes choose whether to retain “Blue Dog” members of Congress who were swept into victory in the Obama tsunami of 2008. We looked at three key Ohio districts in our Quick-Shot Series of polls:

CD 1-Victory in the Burbs: Incumbent Steve Driehaus (D) vs. custodia tablet samsung galaxy tab s2 Steve Chabot (R)

Ohio CD 1 provides one of the more intriguing races in the state. This district encompasses part of Cincinnati and some western and northern suburbs. Republican Challenger Steve Chabot was a seven-term incumbent who had never tracked well in the city but was always able to pull out victories in the burbs. But 2008 was a different story, as Barack Obama brought out more city voters and Independent suburbanites, and Steve Driehaus won by a 52-48 margin. But this won’t necessary be a one-and-done term for Driehaus. As a former Minority Whip for the Ohio House, Driehaus is a fiscal conservative , is fairly moderate on many key issues and by all accounts a good campaigner. vandot custodia galaxy Still, Chabot is running roughly even in fund raising and is no political neophyte. We would urge you to read the following poll results carefully and check back with us to see if it tightens up…as we suspect it will.

Ohio CD 1

Date of Poll: 8/4/2010
Participants: 1,001 registered voters
Margin of Error: ±3.10%
(D) Steve Driehaus38.70%85.13%5.57%26.67%
(R) Steve Chabot50.77%7.59%90.40%53.33%

CD 12-The Tiberi Shuffle: Incumbent Patrick Tiberi (R) vs. Paula Brooks (D)

Are Independent voters adopting a throw-the-bums-out attitude, or turning to the political right? This series of Quick-Shot Polls has been measuring Independents’ views of a number of Democratic incumbents, but what about office holders from the GOP? To test that out, we turned to Ohio CD 12, where, in 2008, Republican incumbent Patrick Tiberi defended the seat he’s occupied since 2000 in a district that contains most of Columbus’ African-American population. However, most agree that Tiberi’s opponent in 2008 was weak, and Ohio observers feel that Paula Brooks will present a much more aggressive challenge for him. custodia samsung j3 2018 Plus, many believe that Congress’ microscopic approval rating will help shuffle Tiberi out of office. But what do voters think?

Ohio CD 12

Date of Poll: 8/4/2010
Participants: 995 registered voters
Margin of Error: ±3.11%
(R) Patrick Tiberi51.10%15.95%85.08%45.17%
(D) Paula Brooks34.42%70.76%7.46%30.34%
In this district, Independents are–at the moment–clearly looking at Republican Tiberi as their choice. Obviously, one poll in a single district should never be used as proof of a national trend…and you’ll see in the coming days why. But for now, Congressman Tiberi is enjoying a comfortable lead thanks in part to his Independent backers.

CD 15-Kilroy was here: Incumbent Mary Jo Kilroy (D) vs. custodia galaxy tab a 10 1 samsung Steve Stivers (R)

CD 15 covers the part of Columbus with The Ohio State University (my Buckeye friends would fry me if I left the “The” out of the title) and promises to be one helluva contest come November. Democrat Incumbent Mary Jo Kilroy eked out a victory in 2008 over Republican Steve Stivers by less than a percentage point in a five-way race, and the two are are the top of the fight card again this year. Although Stivers is certainly counting on gaining ground from the diminished popularity of President Obama, his background as a bank lobbyist was easy pickings last time…and banks continue to be the target of concern for many today. custodia samsung winnie the pooh But multiple reports hint that Kilroy lacks some fundamental political skills (there are some YouTube deer-in-the-headlights moments hanging out there) and hasn’t set the world on fire in her first term. This one was nasty in 2008, and most believe that matters will escalate this summer.

IA Approve: 43.10% Disapprove: 51.86% Unsure: 2.65%

Iowa may have provided Barack Obama with his first big campaign victory, custodia smartphone samsung a3 custodia samsung j3 2016 unicorno samsung gear s2 custodia custodia galaxy tab s2 10 1 custodia clear view samsung galaxy s8 custodia sottile samsung s9 custodia galaxy tab a 6 custodia samsung tab3 lite samsung galaxy a8 custodia originale custodia samsung a 8 but Iowans polled the second-highest disapproval of his job performance of the Midwestern states we surveyed.

MI Approve: 46.25% Disapprove: 50.44% Unsure: 3.31%

Michigan has been hit hard by the world’s economic downturn, custodia samsung galaxy tab s custodia samsung a5 2017 in silicone samsung a5 custodia cintura custodia da cintura samsung j3 custodia galaxy tab 2 custodia samsung sm t580 custodia protettiva samsung samsung galaxy j5 2016 custodia aostar cover custodia portafoglio samsung s8 custodia samsung a5 2016 j d and the voters in that state are getting restless. custodia samsung tablet a 10 1 custodia legno samsung s7 custodia dura samsung j3 2017 custodia samsung s6 edge plus trasparente custodia galaxy 4 custodia samsung s7 edge emoji custodia samsung a3 specchio samsung a8 2018 custodia lbro custodia flip samsung a5 2016 simpeak custodia cover samsung s7 With nearly 15% unemployment and continued woes in the auto industry, quad lock galaxy s8 custodia galaxy xcover 4 custodia custodia samsung core 360 custodia samsung j730f ds samsung galaxy tab a tablet da 10 1 custodia custodia corsa samsung s8 custodia galaxy tab a 10 1 2018 custodia samsung a5 2017 finestra tab s3 custodia samsung custodia per samsung galaxy s7 edge Michigan seems to be losing patience.

WI Approve: 45.67% Disapprove: 48.79%: Unsure: 5.53%

America’s Dairyland has not backed a Republican candidate since Ronald Reagan in 1984, custodia wireless galaxy s5 custodia tablet samsung sm t561 3386 custodia samsung galaxy tab a t585 custodia tablet samsung p5100 custodia samsung galaxy edge 6 custodia samsung j5 2016 portafoglio samsung j5 2017 custodia sport tastiera custodia galaxy tab 4 custodia samsung s7 edge inter custodia da braccio per samsung s7 edge but the Democratic-leaning state echoes the rest of the Midwest in its close disapproval of the job President Barack Obama is doing.

OH Approve: 42.07% Disapprove: 52.54% Unsure: 5.39%

Ohio is well known as a swing state and a bellwether indicator of national opinion. cover samsung s8 custodia galaxy tab s 10 5 custodia custodia samsung j7 2017 libro custodia s 7edge samsung custodia pelle samsung galaxy s9 plus custodia galaxy alpha custodia samsung j5 2016 viola custodia impermeabile samsung j5 2016 samsung tablet s3 custodia custodia libro samsung s5 neo We Ask America polled more than 1,300 Ohio voters with one simple question: “In general,

Illinois Governor: Brady leading

Republican Bill Brady’s nip & tuck campaign victory of fewer than 200 votes may have helped to boost his name recognition in Illinois. custodia wallet samsung s7 custodia samsung j3 2016 con brillantini custodia s7 samsung oro cover samsung galaxy s8 custodia custodia galaxy s7 edge glitter custodia samsung s16 custodia per samsung tab 2 custodia samsung 7 edge milan custodia tab 535 samsung custodia samsung note 8 silicone He currently holds a surprisingly large lead over incumbent Democrat Pat Quinn and the Green Party’s Rich Whitney. galaxy s9 custodia pelle custodia samsung tab a8 custodia samsung galaxy j7 plus 2018 custodia cover samsung a5 2017 custodia samsung alcantara custodia acqua samsung custodia samsung notebook custodia tablet samsung s3 9 7 con tastiera easyacc samsung galaxy s9 plus custodia custodia samsung j320 galaxy j3 2016 One should factor that this poll was taken a day after Gov. custodia samsung galaxy core custodia per samsung tab a 2016 custodia tastiera galaxy tab a6 galaxy s9 custodia samsung samsung tab e 9 6 custodia bambini custodia samsung s7 edge juventus custodia full body samsung j5 2016 samsung galaxy 8 custodia a libretto custodia samsung s7 edge torro custodia libro galaxy s9 plus Quinn gave his annual Budget address where he announced cuts to education and a one-percent tax increase along with a dizzying array of postponed bill payments and other financial schemes to attack a $13 billion budget problem. custodia silicone samsung note 4 custodia morbida samsung j5 2017 custodia samsung s7 edge con i gufi custodia galaxi s9 custodia galaxy tab e 9 6 samsung custodia per samsung galaxy s5 neo custodia samsung ferrari custodia samsung note 10 1 2012 custodia samsung s6 ringke custodia samsung tab3 8 pollici We believe these numbers are extraordinarily fluid. samsung note 8 custodia da cintura custodia posteriore samsung s7 edge custodia silicone samsung j5 2017 custodia tab 4 samsung custodia x samsung galaxy j3 custodia samsung s6 edge disney custodia in silicone samsung s9 custodia flip samsung s6 edge plus custodia samsung sm g355hn Brady’s poor performance in Cook and the collar counties during the primary will be tested in the coming months, and it should be remembered that the Green Party’s Rich Whitney received about 10 percent of the vote in the last election. custodia samsung s9 silicone emoji custodia samsung s5 spigen custodia samsung tab 2 custodia full body samsung galaxy tab e smt560 custodia samsung galaxy s7 mulbess samsung s9 plus custodia impermeabile guess custodia samsung s8 custodia libretto samsung s9 plus samsung galaxy core prime custodia We’ll be tracking this race carefully in the coming months. You can keep posted on our progress by subscribing to our public polls.

Mild about Harry

The state flag of Nevada bears these words: Battle Born–a phrase that seems quite appropriate for the upcoming campaign for U.S. Senator from this state. custodia in silicone samsung j5 2017 It wasn’t that long ago that many political pundits had Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) dead and buried. custodia cellulare samsung j7 2017 High unemployment, a rapidly growing Tea Party Movement and Reid’s leadership in passing such Big Government issues as health-care reforms had the four-term senator down by double digits in the polls. But Republican challenger Sharron Angle has seemingly allowed Senator Reid up off the mat. The firebrand Angle has been criticized for leading a lackluster campaign that has featured politically risky positions on Social Security, pulling the plug on the U.S. custodia cellulare samsung s7 edge Education Department, and approval of nuclear waste processing in Nevada–not a real solid platform to win the hearts and minds of local voters. Democrats have torn into her like gamblers at a free buffet, and they can do it early and often with Reid’s sizable war chest and inexpensive TV time available in the Sagebrush State. The turnaround in Senator Reid’s fortunes are dramatic–but have clearly not yet resulted in a lock on re-election. custodia samsung a5 panda For such a powerful and well-healed figure, Reid’s numbers (in this and other polls) are milquetoast at best. Nevada voters seem dissatisfied with their choices, and a 4.5 point lead at this juncture probably only moves this race from a loss for Democrats to a tossup. custodia samsung tab 7 pollici And since the main point in this Quick-Shot Series of polls is to measure where Independent voters are heading, let’s take a look at the results:

Mild about Harry

Date of Poll: 8/4/2010
Participants: 1,070 registered voters
Margin of Error: ±2.99%
(D) Harry Reid45.60%78.97%15.55%32.28%
(R) Sharron Angle41.00%12.47%71.34%47.02%
Like many other states, Independents seem to be turning toward the GOP in Nevada. custodia samsung j3 2016 con frase But unlike many other races we’ve polled, the Democrat incumbent is getting the nod from more than 15% of the Republican voters. Published polls show both candidates with a high percentage of the electorate who view them in an unfavorable light, and the mud that’s flying there isn’t going to help either one out.

Illinois U.S. Senate: Kirk leading the field

Congressman Mark Kirk (R-IL 10) currently has a ten-point lead over his Democrat opponent State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, custodia note4 samsung galaxy core prime custodia custodia per samsung galaxy tab s2 9 7 custodia tabler samsung t530 custodia samsung galaxy core prime custodia samsung 10 pollici custodia portafoglio samsung a3 2017 custodia j5 samsung 2015 tablet samsung tab 2 custodia custodia samsung tab a 2018 with the Green Party’s LeAlan Jones far from the pack. custodia a specchio samsung 7 edge custodia originale s9 samsung custodia s5 samsung disney custodia rigida samsung s6 custodia tablet samsung con cerniera custodia a libro samsung j5 2016 custodia samsung galaxy core custodia samsung s8 grigio custodia note4 samsung originale custodia telecomando samsung uhd tv Giannoulias has been the recipient of an increasing amount of media scrutiny due to the misfortunes and allegedly questionable loan/business practices of a bank owned by his family. custodia tablet galaxy tab 2 custodia oro samsung s7 custodia flip samsung j5 2016 samsung s 8 custodia custodia j7 2017 samsung silicone custodia stagna samsung samsung j5 2017 custodia unicorno custodia a specchio samsung galaxy s9 plus custodia 360 samsung s8 plus custodia a8 2018 samsung portafoglio Kirk, samsung custodia s7 custodia s8 samsung cristal custodia samsung tab e 9 6 amazon custodia samsung j5 2017 custodia samsung x cover 3 custodia wallet samsung s7 galaxy s9 plus custodia 360 custodia per samsung galaxy s7 custodia galaxy tab a 10 1 militare custodia samsung a8 alluminio who has had a number of challenging campaigns in the 10th District, custodia samsung a8 2018 originale custodia samsung a8 puro custodia samsung s4 mini a libro custodia samsung galaxy s9 con portafoglio custodia s6 samsung custodia galaxy s3neo custodia telefono samsung s9 custodia libro samsung j5 samsung galaxy s9 custodia custodia samsung a 8 2018 had a relatively easy primary where a number of his more conservative challengers split the vote from the right.