[box] NOTE: We Ask America was commissioned by Fox Chicago News to conduct this poll. The following is being published here with their permission.[/box]

For those of you who have just awoken from a long coma, here’s a newsflash: things aren’t going so well in America these days, and discontent continues to grow from sea to shining sea. Somewhere in the middle of those amber waves of anger lies Illinois, the home state of Barack Obama–the  place where the president can always count on receiving a warm embrace and unquestioned loyal. Right?

Well…not as right as it used to be. We were commissioned by Fox Chicago News to ask Illinois residents whether of not they approved of the job the president was doing. We then asked a series of head-to-head questions pitting the president against Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Herman Cain and Chris Christie. You can view those results HERE.  (Compare those results to how he was doing in Illinois in July HERE.)

Since Fox Chicago News published this earlier this afternoon, our phones have been ringing off the hook with questions. We’ll let our client provide their excellent analysis, but suffice it to say that we believe that the slippage is a blinding glimpse of the obvious: even his home state has a limited amount of patience. And remember that if the election for president were held today, Mr. Obama would SWAMP the opposition in the Land of Lincoln.

But these results are an indication that a loss in Illinois by Barack Obama has shifted from The Unthinkable to merely The Highly Unlikely.