Time is on his side

More than 50 years ago, the Rolling Stones’ produced a bluesy hit entitled Time Is On My Side that included a gloating declaration that “you’ll come running back to me.” So far in this important election year, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner might be humming that tune as his GOP opponent, Wheaton’s Jeanne Ives, still hasn’t been able to muster a significant move toward making a serious race out of the Republican gubernatorial Primary. In fact, our latest poll shows that with just two short months until the Primary, Rauner continues to enjoy a comfortable lead in addition to the advantage of incumbency and a truckload of ready cash to beat back the bounds of insurgency.

According to We Ask America’s latest poll, Mr. Rauner’s lead continues to be strong:

If the GOP Primary for Illinois governor were held today, for whom would you vote?
Bruce Rauner64.59%
Jeanne Ives20.51%
Please give us your general opinion of Jeanne Ives.
Never heard of68.43%
Please give us your general opinion of Bruce Rauner.
Never heard of.39%

Can the situation change? Of course it can, but that’s becoming increasing unlikely. Regrettably for Ms Ives, the standout figure in this poll is her stuck-in-the-mud name recognition problem. Over the last two months, her name recognition has only improved in tiny increments–especially downstate. With the game clock continuing to tick down, Ives must introduce herself and convince voters that she is the better choice if she has any chance. That’s going take a lot of money and time. The governor will always have a huge advantage on the financial side.

And now, time is on Mr. Rauner’s side.


Click HERE to download a PDF version of the poll results.