There are three sections of the Turnout Effect Calculator:

1. Regional Turnout

The Calculator defaults to the 2010 turnout for governor by four regions. You can change the turnout percentage in any region by either a) putting your cursor in the ring and then click and drag or b) by entering whatever numbers you want. When done, click the SUBMIT button to see the effect on the projected results.

2. Poll Result Percentages

The next section shows our latest poll results for each region minus undecided voters. You can click in any result box and change the numbers. The TOTAL line below will help you add everything up to 100%. As before, click on the SUBMIT button to see the effect of your changes.

3. Submit; Reset; Projected Results

The SUBMIT button shows the project results based on your changes.

The RESET button puts everything back to the original numbers.

The RESULTS graph shows what your changes in turnout or regional percentages would do to the overall results.